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Posture Assessment and Corrective Exercise workshop

    • Posture means position
    • Posture can be defined as the relative arrangement of different parts of the body with the line of gravity.
    • An ideal posture is one in which the body segments are aligned vertically and LOG passes through all joint axes.
    • Good posture is healthy-more balance & efficient. And places less stress on the tissues of the body.
    • Bad posture is unhealthy-less balance & efficient. And places less stress on the tissues of the body.

  1. Factors that influence posture

    - Age: As age progresses the body gradually loses its capacity to absorb and transfer forces.
    - Inactivity,Sedentary or reluctance to exercise: leads to loss of natural movement flow.
    - Poor postural habit: eventually becomes your structure.
    - Biomechanical compensation: muscle imbalance, adaptive shortening, muscle weakness, & instability within the core
    - Body composition - increases load, stress the spinal structure,leads to spinal deviation.
    - Workspace- Ergonomics - Poor movement technique/Execution/ Training,injury- leads to reduced loading capacity or elasticity

  2. Causes of poor posture

    - Appearance of increased height (social stigma)
    - Muscle imbalances and contractures
    - Pain
    - Respiratory conditions

  3. Structural factors

    - Congenital anomalies
    - Developmental problems
    - Trauma
    - Disease

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