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About STFA

STFA is a solemnly seen innovative initiative taken by Mr. Sachin Tiwari & Dr. Taher Kudrati. Having seen heavy loopholes within the existing industry since decades its high time that one takes over the leadership and renovate the system that prevails.

Dreams which never let both the academicians sleep (Sachin & Dr. Taher) have now decided to create a neoteric system for fitness educationist. Neoteric system synonyms with fitness education, empowering the trainers inclusive of every domain having paraphernalia joined for a body that helps to work in an enduring way without disruptions.

Imparting within individuals and by educating about mysterious paraphernalia like Business Communication, Fitness Etiquette, Sales, Marketing, Exercise Physiology and Biomechanics and many much booming parts. Leading to revolutionize the loopholes. It is heard that “sky is not the limit in fitness industry”. We make you understand that never limit to sky as footprints are yet there on moon.

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Mr. Sachin Tiwari

Is the Founder and Director of the most professionally managed gym ST Fitness and STFA. He entered the fitness Industry in the year 2002. He is a great Entrepreneur and also one of the best Personal Trainer for Celebrities, Corp-orates, housewives and senior citizens.Being a great visionary and Entrepreneur, Mr. Sachin Tiwari wants to take the fitness Industry to the next level. Giving Flight to this dream, he has started STFA which will not only give scientific and complete knowledge to the students but also will train them to become a successful fitness professional and Entrepreneur.


Dr. Taher Kudrati

Is the co-founder and Director, STFA and medical practitioner from 18 years and he has been in the fitness Industry from last 10 years. He has himself attended multiple fitness and nutrition courses from various academies. His Beliefs are:

  • Spreading Unbiased Education.
  • Delivering Scientific and Correct Knowledge.
Presently Dr. Taher Kudrati is a visitng Faculty at
  • Dr. D.Y. Patil Medical College, Navi Mumbai for the, Sports and Exercise Science.
  • D Elite Profitness and Combat Sports.
  • Exam Prep. Coach for ACSM, PT course and NSCA’s CSCS courses.
  • Strength and Conditioning Academy, A Square Academy .

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