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Natique Husain, Dharmesh Patel Founder and Director of Elite Pro Fitness & Combat Sports

Faculty Achievements

  • Best overall fighter trophy winner
  • 2 times National Pro Champions
  • Black belts in Kickboxing Karate and Jiujitsu
  • Internationally certified Fitness Trainer
  • Internationally certified Mma Coach.

Advance Kick Boxing Certification Course Level 1 & 2


Here's What's included In The Remarkable Program

  • How to get the equipment you need

    You dont need a lot of fancy equipment to be a Kickboxing Fitness Trainer. We teach you exactly what you need to get started,and where to find it. In fact,if you have only a 4 foot by 4 foot area and nothing else you can use this program successfully.

  • Warm up routines

    Get your clients warmed up with a variety of simple, fun routines. This includes: neck warm ups, jumping jacks, the "kickboxing shuffle," side stretches, rapid snap kicks, and more.

  • Wrap hand

    We teach you how to wrap hands the way we learned it from our Sensei, back through generation of martial artists.

  • The proper stance

    Many fitness clients immediately feel more confident and secure as soon as they learn the right kickboxing stance. In fact, as in boxing, simply having a proper kickboxing stance can deter an attacker and keep them from striking.

  • The right way to throw basic punches and kicks

    Most people don't know how to throw punches and kicks the right way - including self-proclaimed Kickboxing Fitness trainers. Once people learn how to kick and punch correctly, they are thrilled! First, they feel more confidence. Second, they get a core without that applies to almost any other spot, to become a better golfer, tennis player, football player or baseball player.

  • Combination kicks and punches

    One secret to an effective Kickboxing Fitness Workout is in having unlimited combination of kicks and punches available. That way, your students and personal training clients are never bored, and always working. We show you a variety of combinations, so that you always have something new to share with your clients.

  • Safety

    You learn how to ensuer your client's safety. For instance, learn how to properly wrap hands, avoid hog-impact punches, punch correctly to avoid injury, and assess clients ahead of time.

  • Partner training excercises

    In group and private classes, clients cant get enough of Partner training. You learn how to pair up people so that your clients get an incredible workout while sound kickboxing techniques.

  • Conditioning routine get dozens of conditioning routine that keep you clients coming back

    You can vary these routines in many ways, so your clients will never get bored.

  • Combination punches

    Teach your clients combinations that get their heart rate up and also improves their boxing skills and confidence: double jabs, close range hooks and upper cuts, opening up the right, and counter punches, feinting punches and much more.

  • Bag routines

    Few people know how to really use kicking and water bags. In this course you show how to show your clients how to use bags the correct way, without injury - all the while getting in incredible shape.

  • We guide you step-by-step through everything you need to do to attract Kickboxing Fitness clients and then delight them

    That way, you get results, without guessing or having to repeat mistakes.

  • How to close out a session

    You learn how to end a workout with powerful abdominal, upper body, and leg work.

  • Motivational strategies

    With Kickboxing Fitness, client stay motivated because the workouts are so varied and so much fun. But some clients need an extra push from time to time.

  • Discover New Opportunities

    Yes, you will use this program to significantly increase your income as a fitness trainer and to delight your clients -- and you will also be fascinated by the new, different, unique opportunities that Kickboxing Fitness makes possible for you.

  • How to grow your practice and gym revenues

    You learn how to grow your business whether you want (or have) your own boxing gym, want to focus on personal training, want group classes, want to launch a youth program, want to specialize in female clients, or all of the above. You can do this because you get a proven process for succeeding Fitness Kickboxing.

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