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The Art and Science of Fitness Training The moment I tell a trainer to write a Beginner workout or Beginner routine, they immediately write me a full Body Routine emphasising more on Structural Lifts and Primary exercises followed by Machine based exercises and Isolation exercises.

Absolutely Correct !!!

That is the Best sequence.
But there is a lot to consider here too…
Lets take 3 clients for example.

  • Age 21
  • Age 35
  • Age 50

Will you prescribe the same Beginner Exercise Schedule for all of them ?

Maybe the 50 year old has never exercised, is scared and fears he might sustain an injury. It would be better to start him with Supported Machine based Exercises, build some confidence and then move him on to Primary Exercises and eventually to Structural Exercises.

Exercise Science wise Structural Exercise Better than a Primary Exercise better than a Supported Exercise,

But keeping in mind the client’s fears and anxieties, his exercise background, we may be better off starting with Supported exercises, then adding Primary Exercises and then adding the Structural exercises.

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Dr Taher S Kudrati

HOD Education

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