I Love Exercising

We are in an age where lifestyle has become very very very convenient everything that you need is just a click away from your smart phone If you need groceries or medicine or be it booking a railway tickets. you order it and it will get delivered in your doorstep..Such lifestyle has taken a toll on human health as they are becoming more and more sedentary.

A sedentary lifestyle is the main cause of all major Cardiovascular,Metabolic and Kidney disease to name a few obesity, . increased cholesterol level, diabetes, blood pressure.

To Avoid sedentary lifestyle diseases start following small steps:-

  • Start any physical activity u like for 20 mins per day(walking, any outdoor games,yoga, swimming, dancing)any thing you like or per week accumulate 150 mins of activity.This is minimum ACSM guidelines.
  • Do Meditate for Healthy mind.
  • Do Health check ups regularly in every 6 months time.
  • Sleep well for a minimum of 6-8 hrs.
  • Stop following other persons exercise routine or diet routine because you are unique.Because each individual is different their need and their response to exercise is different.

Written and Compiled By

Kavitha Kesavan Nambisan

Exercise Specialist

Bachelor of exercise and Sport Science

Ashtanga Yoga Instructor

Head of Department, Theory of Exercise Science,ST Fitness Academy