Lifestyle Modification Tips!

Health, Fitness and Wellness Guidelines

A compilation by Mrs Shveta Bhassin - Head of Nutrition Department ST Fitness Academy.

  • Avoid being in crowded places for long unnecessarily.
  • Avoid Meeting many people at a time without purpose.
  • Avoid Long phone calls.
  • Do not compromise on your sleep for entertainment.
  • Avoid coffee and smoking, especially, if nutrition is poor in diet.
  • Avoid Violent and emotionally intense TV programs or movies at night.
  • Avoid Foods with very strong smell.
  • Spend at least 20minutes daily to do some creative/arististic work that needs your complete attention.
  • Sleep latest by 11pm and try to get a 7 hours sleep every night.
  • Do some group activity that needs visualization.
  • Eat small, frequent meals to avoid get sugar cravings, have a protein meal for the meal when you have maximum cravings.
  • Keep a balance of physical exercise and meditative activities.
  • Involve yourself in mentally challenging activities like tennis, chess, crosswords, hiking, sudoku etc.
  • Be very careful about the hygienic conditions around and from where you eat to prevent infections.
  • Eat your meals that are not over cooked for eg; avoid over cooked vegetables.
  • Avoid raw sprouts.
  • Deep breathing exercises, meditation and yoga will help to improve stress related disorders and also improve productivity.
  • Best anti stress mechanism is “alternate nostril breathing”.
  • Avoid arguments.
  • Speak up when you are anxious and stressed or write down your feelings instead of keeping in your mind.
  • Allow lots of natural light to enter your home and work place.
  • Plan your day well in advance keeping time for relaxation and solitude.
  • Break your physical and mental work into alternate segments.
  • Creativity and expression in your life will enhance your immune system and help to deal with stress.
  • Religiously adhere to the schedule you plan in advance.
  • After every 3-4 hours of work take a break of 20minutes for relaxation or deep breathing or meditation.
  • Don’t eat when anxious, stressed or nervous.
  • Chew your food well and don’t stand and eat, always sit and eat.
  • Sleep not later than 11pm.
  • On waking don’t linger in bed.
  • Take 2-3 mini vacations every year from work if your work is stressful and over exerting.
  • Visit places where you can be with nature.
  • Listen to music which will soothe your emotions.
  • Get plenty of fresh air and sunlight. Maintaining a rhythm in daily activity will help deal with effects of stress.
  • Ginseng is particularly good as it improves nervous system efficiency, chronic fatigue syndrome.

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